Friday, March 19, 2010

putrajaya hot air balloon

These events / activities include but are not limited to:

1. Tethered hot air balloon rides.
  • 5 hot air balloons for tethered rides for the public.
  • Operating hours from 8am - 11am and 6pm - 9pm.
  • Tickets: RM10 for adults and RM5 for children.
2. Para-motors / para-glider show.

3. Remote control aircraft flying display.

4. Kite flying.

5. Helicopter rides.
  • Operating hours: Saturday and Sunday, 9am - 2pm.
6. Outdoor games for chidlren: Inflatable, clowns, magic shows, sphere rides.

7. Extreme games.

8. Karnival favourites / funfair booths: Face Painting, Sand Arts for Kids, Mehendi Art Painting for Kids & Ladies, Cool Stick on Tattoos, etc.

9. Competition: Colouring, Paper Airplane, Photograph of the Day, Lantern.

10. Concession Booths: Exhibit / Display / Product Sampling booths.

11. Fireworks display: Finale for night active glow (20 Mac 2010).

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